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Andrew grew up in Nambour and now lives in Woombye. He and his family love the coast lifestyle but enjoy the pace of the hinterland.  Andrew’s early achievements include a Bachelor of Nursing and Graduate Diploma in Management.  He worked as a Registered Nurse in Australia and overseas before joining a major pharmaceutical company. This is where his natural sales ability came to light.  He was awarded Sales Representative of the Year for the majority of the 12 years he was in the role. He was promoted to Qld/WA sales management position prior to commencing in the family real estate business in 2017. Once again, like a duck to water Andrew thrived in his new environment, quickly becoming one of the most successful real estate salespeople in the area.

Today Andrew is the principal of Keyline Realty and proudly leads the number one real estate team in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Andrew is described as having a cool, calm character and great negotiating skills with the ability to ensure all parties are happy. He works really hard to make sure his clients walk away with a great impression of their Keyline Realty experience.

What is

the SmartRe Sale

how can it benefit you?

The SmartRE Sale is the best method of sale when there are multiple buyers for a property. It is the only effective method of sale when there is just one.

The SmartRE sale strategy uses the private treaty method of sale, with some subtle variations aimed at obtaining the HIGHEST PRICE.

If true genius lies in the ability to take something complicated and make it simple, then the reverse must hold true. Most common real estate methods take a straightforward process and make it dangerous, complicated and risky, for both buyer and seller.

The aim of any sale for the seller and their agent is to maximise the final sale price, with minimal risk for the seller and within the agreed time frame.

The aim for the buyer? Find the right property at the right price without having to navigate the deception of false pricing and spending money for no result.

No Sale, No Charge.

TheSmartRE sale includes our no sale, no charge approach, insuring you’re not risking your hard earned money with old-fashioned upfront marketing costs. It is underpinned by a unique integrated negotiation strategy which using all four quadrants, guarantees you the best price in today’s market

For both the property seller and buyer, simplicity leads to good outcomes, and simplicity is the hallmark of The SmartRE Sale.

Most properties sold in Australia would benefit from this most transparent strategy.

During a private treaty sale, the property has a revealed listed price. It is a price the seller will accept and it allows the buyer to purchase the property at the asking price.

A genuine asking price close to or at market value helps the seller maintain the power within a negotiation once a buyer is found.

Don't sell your home for a high price. Sell it for the highest.

In a strong seller’s market there can be an enormous difference between a high price for your property, and the highest price. Talk to us today about how the Smart Sale can achieve the latter.

Find the best buyer, the heart buyer..

Occasionally, a buyer for a property defies market logic. They are a specific buyer for a specific house. This buyer will generally live in the property and it becomes their home. There is an instant and strong emotional connection. It might be a childhood home, close to work, close to friends and relatives, or maybe in the right school zone.

Whatever the reason, these buyers are emotional and buy with their heart – not with the cold logic of a financial property purchase. They will pay a higher price than expected, often above market value.

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