The Smart Sale

The Smart Sale method is a sales system that always has the seller’s best interest as the focal point. It allows the seller to obtain the best price by using proven marketing and negotiation techniques drawn from many different fields and then integrated into real estate sales. For both the property seller and buyer, simplicity leads to good outcomes, and simplicity is the hallmark of The Smart Sale.

“It’s the best method when there are multiple buyers and the only method of sale when there is just one”.

We’re Nambour and surround the highest-rated agents for a reason. We’re a hard-working, highly trained, and caring team that always puts you first. We believe that together, we can do more for you. That’s why when you sell with us, you get access to every one of our agents and support staff. We work collaboratively and efficiently to get you the best possible price with a gold standard of service every step of the way.

Minimal Risk

Our Smart Sale method was developed with the understanding that the aim for the seller and their agent is to maximize the final sale price, with minimal risk for the seller and within the agreed time frame. It also acknowledges that the aim for the buyer is to find the right property at the right price without having to navigate the deception of false pricing and spending money for no result.

“Their methods suited us with no pressure or huge fees”

Seller of a house in Nambour

Method Of Sale

With our method of sale, the property has a listed price that the seller will accept.

This attracts many more buyers than typical flawed pricing methods where there’s either no list price or a vague guide. Buyers can purchase property at the asking price or above if there are multiple offers.

A genuine asking price at or slightly higher than market value helps the seller maintain the power within a negotiation once a buyer is found.

“They are one of the most friendliest and efficient realestate companies I have dealt with. I was extremely impressed with their work ethic and the way they handled the sale of my home. The transparency from Keyline is 10/10. I would use them again in the future no hesitation”.

Lainey Anspach

Dismissal Guarantee

The Smart Sale Guarantee

Our Smart Sale Guarantee reduces the danger of getting stuck with the wrong agent while still giving you the benefits of an exclusive agreement.

The right agent will always back their ability to get a great result with a genuine Dismissal Guarantee.

If they won’t, they’re the wrong agent for you.

Genuine Sales Team

The benefits of employing a genuine sales team are many. All of our agents will work together so that the sale of your property never takes a day off. Our sales team are paid a significant salary and incentivised with bonuses. Consequently, they are all happy to work as a team, sell each other’s listings and keep working to get you the best price.

Most real estate agencies say they’re a team, but that’s in name only. In fact, the people that work in these offices are private contractors who work alone or with an associate. This creates a culture where buyer enquiry and other useful information that could lead to a better result for a seller isn’t shared within the agency.

Choose Smart. Choose Skill.

The most common and dangerous way to hire an agent is gut instinct, low fee, or the promise of a high sale price. Many agents promise much and deliver little. Yes, they may be likable but a great agent should also demonstrate that they are highly skilled in all aspects of real estate sales.

You might be surprised to know that it only takes FOUR days to become a real estate agent. Most Real Estate Agencies are likely to welcome anyone who has completed the four-day course. Those that charge their agents a desk fee are especially keen to pack as many bodies into their office as possible, regardless of their skill and knowledge!

The Keyline Realty Team


How much will this cost me up front?

Nothing. There are no marketing costs, no hidden fees. We only ask to be paid a commission once your house is sold and after you get paid! We guarantee it. This is sounding too good to be true? (If we don’t sell your house, we don’t get paid).

What happens if I decide not to sell at all? 

Nothing. If there’s no sale, there’s no fee! Simple as that!

Must I have a For sale sign? 

We do recommend it but we’ll keep the neighbours in suspense if you like!

Must I have an Open for Inspection? 

This is something we like to talk to you about. We will give you the pros and cons when we come and visit.

What about my Tenant? 

Good tenants are generally very disappointed that their home is being sold and mostly fear they’ll be “kicked out”, closely followed by 
strangers in their home and Open for Inspections. So, tenants appreciate our low-hassle approach and are more of an ally for us.

What if the listing agent goes on holiday? Will my house still sell?

If for some reason your agent has a sick day or goes on a well-deserved holiday the rest of our team will be so focused on selling your house, that you’ll hardly even notice! That’s just one of the benefits you get when working with a genuine sales team!
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Our Committment To You

We’re not about the quick sale, we build relationships for life.
We’re here to:

  • Answer your questions 
  • Ensure you feel confident and comfortable with every decision
  • Provide you with the very best in real estate service

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May 25, 2023.
We would like to thank Mark, Zara and everyone at Keyline Realty for all their wonderful help and advice during and after we purchased a property from them.
Leith Humphreys
Leith Humphreys
May 25, 2023.
Thank you to Nicky and Zara and the rest of the Keyline Realty team for their help and guidance in the sale of my Mother’s home in Nambour. Everything went very smoothly and hassle free. My family would recommend this firm without hesitation.
May 23, 2023.
We recently sold our home through Keyline Realty and are confident we picked the right team for the job. They were professional and on the task from the moment we first spoke to Andrew. He knew exactly where the market was at and how best to help us sell. The communication and wiliness to help through the whole process helps ensured we were never in the dark or without guidance. Zara's communication and knowledge through the contract process is second to none, making the process of selling our home a pleasure. Thanks so much team.
Pete McLean
Pete McLean
May 22, 2023.
Mark and Zara at Keyline Nambour made a great team to sell my house. I felt like I was well informed and consulted all along the way as to where things were up to etc. and the process was friendly and straightforward. Keyline's single flat fee structure keeps things nice and simple.
juanita griffin
juanita griffin
May 11, 2023.
I couldn't recommend Mark enough when it comes to finding your ideal property. Mark is a pure gentleman with the patience of a saint. Going above and beyond on our property search to meet our required wishlist. We look forward to working with him in the future. Thank you Keyline 😊
Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose
May 3, 2023.
The Keyline Realty Team are a pleasure to purchase a home from. They were friendly, polite, kept me updated, promptly replied to all questions and went the extra mile to facilitate any requests. I mainly had contact with Mark, Zara and Heidi, particularly Mark and Zara. Thank you for making this experience pleasurable and easy.
TurmeriX Victoria
TurmeriX Victoria
May 2, 2023.
Great to deal with, excellent communication thoughout the whole sale process. Frendly, helpfull .. what more do you want ...
Steph Burgin
Steph Burgin
April 27, 2023.
Thank you to the Keyline team, in particular Mark and Zara, for making our journey towards owning our first home so seamless. The genuine and supportive nature within every interaction throughout our experience was refreshing. Highly recommend this wonderful team!
Charmaine Ormond
Charmaine Ormond
April 4, 2023.
We had the pleasure of selling our property through keyline and highly recommend them. Right from the start we were updated regularly and honestly and achieved the asking price which was a wonderful outcome. Would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks to all the lovely staff at keyline